Wedding Photography Time Line
Your Wedding is not a single day event !

It starts the day you become engaged, includes all your plans and preparations and culminates on your actual wedding day.

And for me, your Wedding Photography isn't a single day event either.

Your Wedding Photography starts when you first say "Hello". We make plans and prepare, so you have the photography you want. It reaches a pinnacle on your Wedding Day. Afterwards we work together to select your prints and design your album. It finally concludes with another highlight - the day you receive your completed album.
The Time Line
Ring, email or leave a message and we'll arrange to meet up and discuss your wedding photography requirements.
Within 2 weeks
We'll meet to discuss your photography requirements. You can look over my wedding photograph albums. We will talk about photographic styles and how you'd like your wedding to be recorded and finally secure your wedding day booking.
4 Weeks Before Your Wedding
We'll meet up and review the details of your wedding and the list of 'must have' photographs. You'll be given a few simple tips made the photography a bit easier on your wedding day . And you'll also have a pre-wedding photo shoot so that we all become used to working together.
Your Wedding Day !!!
You smile, I take your photograph x 1000+. You have an amazing day !
4 Weeks After Your Wedding
We'll review your best photographs and watch your wedding photography slide show.
3 Months After Your Wedding
Time to decide on the details and layout of your wedding album. Also it will be an opportunity to order extra or enlarged prints, before the files are archived.
Up to 6 months After Your Wedding
Delivery of your extra prints and wedding album.
The Time Line is not set in stone. Every Wedding is unique. There may be circumstances where it is not possible for either of us to be able to meet at the exact times shown above. But as long as we have a plan and are flexible, your Wedding Photography experience will be a positive one.