Are You Feeling Blue Today?

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Hope this photo of frosted grasses at dawn brightens your day
I’m not.

Why should I?

Just because someone somewhere has decided to call the first Monday of the New Year “Blue Monday” and that various media has picked up on the name and uses it as a provocative spin on the day it doesn’t make the day bad.

For many today it is the first day back of a working year. Fresh targets, new objectives; last year is finished. It’s time to start anew. If I’ve not already done so, I plan my objectives for the year today. Maybe start a few projects. A landscape project for me this year is to take fresh original photographs of the Peak District in all seasons and all weathers. Another will be to take cool, highly-stylised floral display photographs that I just to take their breath away when you first see them. I’ll also be taking and promoting more commercial and industrial photographs and building a new website for those images. And of course I’ll always be on the lookout for new and different photographs of plants and flowers. Watch out for the pics as I post them throughout the year.

Today should be Super Blue Monday, and alas for some it will be. Today is the perfect mix of Twelfth Night, terrible weather, it could be your first day back to work and the New Year resolutions face their toughest test. Unfortunately some people are really suffering from the flooding, destructive winds and dangerous high tides ; they can be excused for thinking today is a bit bad. But if you believe the day is bad, it will be. But if you react to whatever the day throws at you positively then it’s not going to be half as bad. Easier said than done, some days it’s difficult to remain positive, but just like a New Year, there’s always tomorrow to start again afresh.

What has conflicted with today’s Blue Monday news was that a survey by Lloyds Bank reported that business confidence at the start of the year has not been higher since 1994. That’s serious confidence If you consider the tough years we’ve recently been through and the good boom years of the mid noughties. A great time to be in business, and excuse the plug, what better way to create new business and make your promotions look professional than with professional photography, hint hint.

So don’t believe today is bad just because someone says it is. Take control for yourself and make 2014 the year you want it to be. Ultimately you are the one person in control of your own destiny and how you react to it. There are times when we cannot change the world around us or world presents challenges we did not expect or cannot avoid but it’s our attitude to these challenges and what we do about it that we can be in control of. Or it maybe our choices from yesterday that affect how our day begins today, but not necessarily how it ends, what you do today is your choice. Do it well, make it good, make it positive.

Make your year Bright, Bold and Blooming.
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