Southport Flower Show 2013

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Liss and I managed to catch the last two hours of the Southport Flower show yesterday. It was still very busy but I did manage to have a couple of chats with one or two of the garden designers whilst taking almost 150 photographs. You won’t get to see them all but what I will do is add a “Latest Pics” page where I’ll put photographs that will compliment my Blog pics.
The following gardens stood out for me :

Green with Pride not Green with Envy by R.F. Showering – The Best In Show. This was a small tiered garden based on the natural occurrence, in both plants and other naturally occurring forms, of the green colouring. Unfortunately, they couldn’t obtain Lake District green slate and so had to borrow a Welsh alternative. But that didn’t detract from the natural affect especially in the waterfall design.

Summer Fairytale by Muddy Boots / Clare Skidmore – A stone patio with central water feature surrounded by multi-coloured borders set it what appears to be a fairy-tale castle courtyard that somewhat reminded me of Southport pleasure beach from my visits from 30plus years ago.

Hillside by Alan Francis Landscapes – This garden had a similar look to Green With Pride but used timber in and stone in place of slate for the hard landscaping areas. The lower half of the garden started with a small lawn, edge by a natural stone stream. Railway sleepers were used to create an enclosed intimate raised patio area above the stream. It created a small space that would make you believe you were in the middle of the countryside despite being in the middle of a bustling flower show.

I’ve done my best to describe a few, but my skill is with pictures not words, so look out for the rest of the photo soon.

Taking Photographs At A Flower Show Isn't As Easy As You May Think

The challenge for taking photographs at a flowers show apart from taking handheld snaps during the middle of day is Framing. Trying to find the best angle from behind a rope, surrounded by many other people, all casting shadows mean you have to keep reviewing the entire frame. Then there are signs, certificates and trophies to watch out for that can detract from the view. And finally there are cluttered backgrounds of tents and objects that appear over the top of the fence of the garden, stand out and draw the eye away from the garden. Hope you like what I’ve managed to do.

Although we only had two hours at the show, only the first of those was used for viewing ; the second was spent buying up bargains at the final sell off. The camera was put away as soon my hands were full of bags of plants bought at rock bottom prices. If you can stay until the end of a flower show, I’d highly recommend it.
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