Has Spring Finally Sprung ?

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I hope so ! It’s about time it did.

We had a long cold hard winter as the Gulf Stream, which is usually to the south-west of the UK and Ireland, was much further our north. The consequence of this was that cold weather from North East Europe was sucked in towards us. We suffered from Siberian Winds for many months when usually we have (warmish) damp weather from the Atlantic. Did you notice that the snow always starts in the East? This is due to wet weather from the West collides the sub-zero wind from the continent and turns to snow.

The temperature has been steadily rising in the last couple of weeks as the Gulf Stream has moved. This week, warmer African air has been drawn up from south. You can usually tell when this happens as you can see a fine Saharan sandy deposited on your car. With the warmer temperature Liss and I saw our first bees of 2013 a couple of days ago. It looks as though a pair of Blue Tits is starting to move into our nesting box near the house. And this evening as we walked Harry we saw our first bats of the year. The grass doesn’t seem to have grown yet although I did hear one neighbour mowing his lawn yesterday, so who knows.

Unfortunately the harsh winter has affected the usual timings, quality & quantity of the spring events. Daffodils have been much delayed and do not seem to quite as glorious as in other years. There doesn’t seem to be as much frog spawn in the valley pond this year either. There are often leaves on the trees around now and yet most trees have yet to bud. And the blossom on the trees hasn’t quite been as dramatic this year. Attached below is a photograph of blossom I took when recently in Cambridge.

I do hope this year’s Cherry Blossom season in Late April / Early May will be stunning. So before I end this blog I have a request for your help : If you know of anywhere in the North West where has particularly beautiful avenue of Cheery Trees please let me know. I’d really like to take some amazing photographs and the show you all the results.
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