Easter Snowdrops & Snowflakes

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I cannot recall ever having snowdrops at Easter before, although I have experienced a few snowflakes at Easter from time to time.

The Snowdrop , which actually mean Milk-Flower – Galanthus – from ‘Gala’ which is Greek for milk, and ‘Anthus’ meaning flower, usually flowers before the Spring Equinox. Easter being the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, should mean that snowdrops have long gone by Easter. Some snowdrops did start to fade a couple of weeks ago but there are still a few about looking their best. I’ve never known snowdrops to last for so long though. The first ones started to appear late Jan, early Feb but have lasted for at least a couple of months. My theory is that because it has been such a cold start to the year the flowers have rarely opened; they are said to open when the air temp rises above 10 deg C. I don’t know if the temp has risen above that high yet but on the sunny days the flowers did open and they did look splendid.

As for snowflakes, there were a few this Easter, but when driving through the Peak District there was plenty of snow still at the side of the roads in drifts several feet deep. I remember an Easter camp with the scouts back in the ‘80s near Kirkby Lonsdale. On the Sunday it snowed several inches in the morning but by the afternoon the sun came out in force. The fields warmed up so quickly the became engulfed in a fog of steam. Later we built some rafts with logs and barrels went rafting down the Lune, which was still a little bit cold. More recently, Liss and I had a week’s holiday on the shores of Loch Long near Eilean Donan Castle. One night I went out to take a few night time pics of the castle. In the middle of a one minute exposure a snow storm blew up out of nowhere. That one minute lasted for what seemed like ten!

At this time of year should be Daffodils in bloom everywhere , but so far they have yet to appear in huge quantities at their best. As soon as they do, I’ll be out there with my camera to take some pics and will show you the results.
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