How many photographs will you take and how many will I see ?

I will take is unlimited number of photographs but it would be typically around 1,000 for a full day shoot. I continue to take photographs whilst there is an opportunity to do so.

I will edit the photographs down to a couple of hundred. You will be able to choose the ones you wish to have printed and used in you album from these.

I do not put a limit on the number of photographs printed ; but too many can over face people you show your photographs to. Duplicates of what is essentially the same shot tend to make even the most engaged people lose interest.
Wedding Photography Q&A's
You have possibly never had to use a professional photographer before. And you probably have loads of questions to ask. Or maybe there are questions you’ve never thought of asking but might find the following info quite useful.

So here is a list of questions I’m most often asked and my responses. :