Why do I Need a Professional Photographer ?

A professional photographer takes all the risk and stress away from your Wedding photography, from yourselves, and guarantees the quality of the results.

A professional photographer will have the best cameras, lenses and photography gear. Plus they have back up gear in case there is an unfortunate equipment failure.

Photography is what they do best so they know how to take the very best photograph in terms of framing, exposure, focus and style. They instinctively know what settings, angles and arrangements work so spend more time shooting and less time checking the results.

And a professional wedding photographer has probably been to more weddings than anyone else ; second only perhaps to the ceremony official. But the wedding photographer sees all the parts of the wedding, so they probably know more about weddings than anyone.
Wedding Photography Q&A's
You have possibly never had to use a professional photographer before. And you probably have loads of questions to ask. Or maybe there are questions you’ve never thought of asking but might find the following info quite useful.

So here is a list of questions I’m most often asked and my responses. :