Emerging Bud

Emerging Bud

Emerging Bud
It would almost impossible to run out of garden flowers to photograph.

To start with there are so many brilliant varieties of each flower.

The the flowers vary with the seasons, the time of day and the stage of their development.

Their setting within the garden, the lighting and weather all make each photographic shoot unique.

And then you can only photograph flowers when they are in bloom, so miss their season and you have to wait another year to try again.

And finally when you do shoot you are subject to nature: The slightest bit of wind and photograph is blurred. Too much sun and details as bleached out. Too little light and the image will look flat. Too rainy and you and your gear get wet.

But when all those factors are just right, the finished photograph is its on reward ....
If you are a Nursery or Garden Centre your promotional photographs of flowers need to look their best. Whether your business is located in or near to Cheshire, Lancashire or Manchester call me to talk about how my photography will do that for you.