Best Man & Wedding Rings

Best Man & Wedding Rings

I will be at the wedding venue well before your guests arrive. I'll have a chat with the ceremony official to confirm what I'm allowed to photograph during the service. Then it's time to start shooting the build-up.
The Groom, his Best Man and Ushers are the first to arrive. The camaraderie and closeness of these good friends will be photographed as one of them makes the biggest commitment of his life. And as your wedding guests arrive, family and friends, old and new, I'll be photographing them too.

Your wedding venue starts to fill. The Groom and his Best Man take their seats. I'll be inside too, double-checking my settings ready for the service. As the excited chatter and nervous tension starts to build, photographs of the Groom and Best Man sitting patiently will be shot

Once I have captured photographs of the congregation, it is time to go back outside in anticipation of your arrival.

Your car draws up. Passers-by stop to watch as you exit and make the short walk to the venue. We'll have a a few photographs with your bridesmaids at the entrance. They'll make the final adjustments to ensure everything is perfect.

There is a quick pause. Confirmation that everyone is ready.

And then it is time to make your entrance ...
Covering Weddings in Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire, please do contact me to talk about your Wedding photography for the build-up to the ceremony.