Wedding Photography

Wedding Day Memories
The emotions of your Wedding Day are captured by the camera and those moments will be transformed on the computer into images you will treasure. Images that bring back those memories and emotions when you view the photographs. Photographs that will bring back those feelings not just the first time you view them but for every time thereafter.
The Wedding Story
Your photographs will be presented as a story as your Wedding Day unfolds :

* The start of the day's preparations
* The anticipation before the wedding ceremony as the guests arrive
* The formality and rituals of the service
* The celebration and congratulations for the newly joined husband and wife.
* The toasting of the Bride & Groom at the reception
* And to finish, the party to top off the best day of your life.

But throughout the day the little details also need to be captured for posterity as they add description and colour to the narrative of your Wedding Day story.
Wedding Galleries
Please browse the galleries and view the weddings I have photographed in and around Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and further afield. Each gallery shows photographs from that sequence of the wedding day.
Wedding Photography Style
There any many styles of photography that can be used throughout your wedding day. There will times when an informal style works for capturing moments naturally. Sometimes there can be a chance for a bit of fun. At other times semi-posed relaxed portraiture works best and maybe you will also want formal photographs and organised group shots.
The Wedding Photographer's Role
Your Wedding is about you and not about the photography. The role of a Wedding Photographer is to record your Big Day as it unfolds not to orchestrate your Wedding Day or be the focus of it. There will be times when your exclusive attention for the posed signature photographs is required but this will only be a small part of your day. Apart from the occasional word of direction from me, most of the time will be spent photographing from a discrete distance.
Whether you are in Manchester, Lancashire, or Cheshire, call, email or send me a message to discuss your Wedding photography.